Steel Wire Welded Reinforcing Mesh for Concrete Construction

Concrete reinforcing mesh is a Welded Mesh Sheet designed in different sizes and materials. Welded Reinforcement Mesh for construction is regularly used for concrete slab construction, for roadways, in curved structures in domes and concrete pipes. It help enhance the strength and reduce the shrinkage of the concrete structures.

Benefits of Using Welded Wire Mesh used in concrete reinforcing:
Concrete is an excellent choice for steel structures, cladding systems and floor slabs on grade.
Although concrete is an excellent building material and is extremely strong in compression, it has one limitation - concrete is weak in tension. By combining concrete with material that is strong in tension, a composite building material greatly reinforced is formed. The reinforcement can minimize shrinkage cracking in the surface of the concrete. This type of steel reinforcement used in concrete is welded wire mesh (WWM) or welded wire fabric (WWF).
Using reinforcing welded mesh also saves cost, time and labor compared with traditional tied rebar reinforcing.

Structure of Welded Reinforcing Mesh:
Welded Wire Mesh for Reinforcement can be made of ribbed bar or steel wire welded together.
Welded wire mesh panels made of ribbed steel bars bonded via spot welding are popularly used for slab and wall constructions. The ribbed steel rod used can improve bonding to the concrete and minimize any concrete cracking that may occur as a result of concrete shrinkage. This feature enables the ribbed steel weld mesh widely used as building materials for block slab structure reinforcing, and hollowed slabs reinforcement, building wall reinforcement and support wall reinforcement. In practical uses, it is commonly used with bar chairs as supports.

The popular panel size of wire reinforcing mesh is 6m length ×2.4m width. It comes in a variety of bar thickness and the internal square or rectangular sizes. Common square mesh is either 200×200mm or 100×100mm.

Reinforcing Steel Mesh, in Rolls

Welded steel mesh grid, square hole 5mmx5mm in roll size: 1000 mm x 100 m, galvanized finish

Galvanized Welded Steel Mesh for residential construction, different sizes: in rolls or sheets, 25mx2m, mesh 150mm x 150mm x 3mm wire diameter, 150mmx 150mmx 5mm wire diameter.
For forming of concrete walls, supporting the roof construction and reinforcing of light tiles.

Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized, Crimped

Welded Iron Wire Mesh Sheet for Concrete Pipeline Reinforcing

Construction weld mesh, conforming to ASTM 810, 7½ width (190.5 MM), Mesh: 67 mm x 25.4 mm
Number of line wire / width: 8
Wire diameter: 2.10 mm line wire x 1.70mm cross wire
Wire diameter: 2.20 mm line wire x 1.80mm cross wire
For Pipeline construction and other uses

Reinforcing Mesh for Concrete Blocks in Retaining Walls

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh Panels for Slab Retaining Wall Construction
Reinforcing Wire Mesh, 5mm diameter, 150 mm spacing for retaining wall slab production.
Materials: Black iron, galvanized steel, Monel or 304 Stainless Steel netting

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh, for Concrete Posts

Rebar welded grid sheet for manufacture of concrete posts

Reinforcing Mesh in 5.80 m × 2.20 m sheet
Longitudinal wire ( 5.80 m) Cross wire ( 2.20 m )
Size (mm) Pitch (mm) Area (mm2/m) Size (mm) Pitch (mm) Area (mm2/m)
10 200 393 10 200 393
10 200 393 8 200 393

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Cage

We supply pile cages with a variety of cage pitch, hoop diameter, wire numbers and length.

Steel mesh cage for oil conveying pipeline project

Welded black steel rods into cage-shape, generally used in the pile for reinforcement or to strengthen tendons of location bar, etc.

Welded Mesh Pile Cage Specifications

Nominal Pitch Wire Size Cross sectional area per meter width Nominal 
Main Bar Cross Bar  Main Cross  main cross per m2
200 200 10 10 393 393 6.16
200 200 8 8 252 252 3.95
200 200 7 7 193 193 3.02
200 200 6 6 142 142 2.22
200 200 5 5 98 98 1.54
100 200 12 8 1131 252 10.9
100 200 10 8 785 252 8.14
100 200 8 8 503 252 5.93
100 200 7 7 385 193 4.53
100 200 6 7 283 193 3.73
100 200 5 7 196 193 3.05
100 400 10 6 785 70.8 6.72
100 400 9 6 636 70.8 5.55
100 400 8 5 503 49 4.34
100 400 7 5 385 49 3.41
100 400 6 5 283 49 2.61
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