Firmwin riblath and other concrete construction steel wire mesh products are popularly sold in Germany, Philippines, Oman, Jordan, Indonesia, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Italy, USA, UK, etc.

We offer mainly:
Metal lathing for plaster reinforcing and concrete formwork, as well as other building materials used in plastering and concrete reinforcing.

Metal Lathing Products

Expanded Metal Lath (Expanded Diamond Hole, Ribbed, High Ribbed) and Corner Beads

Metal lathe is a general term referring to lathing products made of different structures from metallic materials, galvanized steel or stainless, or alloy metals. Metal Lathing products are used for formwork reinforcement and plastering key.

Expanded lath is divided into Expanded Rib lath, Hi Rib Lath, Expanded Diamond Mesh Lath, and other types with various designs.

Diamond mesh lath;
High ribbed lath.

Metal rib lath is popularly used in following constructions:
Concrete doors, ceilings, and roofs;
Sidings, partitions and ceilings to eliminate channels;
Plaster and cement in the construction of buildings;
Firewall construction;
Permanent building external walls;
Landscape sculpture, and other special engineering;
Slope protection, earth embankment engineering, etc.

Expanded metal lathing offers following features:
Rigid structure;
Great stiffness;
Wider spacing;
Easy keying of plaster.

Firmwin Featured products:

Self furred Diamond Mesh Lath
Dimples or embossed “V” groove self furring expanded diamond lath provides the required ¼ inch of furring.

SS Rib Lath offering better corrosion resistance than galvanized lathing, mainly used in following fields:
Stucco finishes;
External insulation construction;
Swimming pool requiring additional resistance to pool cleaning chemicals;
Lathing in coastal areas projects.

Hi Ribbed Formwork Lathe
A heavy gauge metal lathing stiffened by deep ribs, compared with regular ribbed lath.
Galvanized Steel High Ribbed Formwork has a lightweight and flexible structure, easy to adhere to concrete.
It can be used in concrete formwork for buildings, tunnels, and other constructions.

Galvanized steel rib lath
Commonly used metal lathing wire with herringbone opening, for structure reinforcement in various construction and plaster works.

Different designs of sheet metal and wire forms are used for lathing uses

We also supply welded mesh and woven wire mesh lathing products for plaser and stucco uses.

Welded Mesh Lathe, Galvanized, 2 Inch Square Hole Wire Mesh for Plaster Lathing Uses
Welded wire mesh lathing: 16 gauge wire, 2" x 2" square mesh, 1/4" furred, for cement based gypsum plaster
Material: Galv. carbon steel wire with heavy zinc coating
Paper backed design

Hexagonal Mesh Net Lath
Galvanized mesh wire hexagon hole for wall stucco reinforcement
17 gauge wire mesh, twist woven, wire galvanized for corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

Lathing Construction Accessories

Accessories for plastering and trimming: Expanded metal angle beads / corner beads for interior construction.

Steel materials for producing ribbed metal lath and plaster beads: steel strips / coils
Expanded metal for producing diamond expanded metal lath and corner beads.

Reinforcing Steel Products for Concrete Construction
Ribbed steel rebar and welded mesh are popular building materials used with metal lath for forming of concrete structures in construction.

Materials: Hot dipped galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel. 

Rebars can be either smooth or deformed. They are produced by hot rolling process with subsequent superficial hardening by heat treatment.
Length: 6-12m.
Quality: ASTM A615 Gr40-60, BS4449:97 Grade 460B, DIN488 BST 500S, JIS, EN, CA-50

Deformed steel bar or ribbed steel bar has vertical rib and transverse rib on surface.

Ribbed Reinforcing Steel Bar helps taking drawing stress with concrete. Because of ribs effects, ribbed bar can take the power from outside. Deformed steel bar is widely used for all kinds of building structure. Especially man-sized, heavy-duty and high building structure.

Welded Mesh can help enhance the strength and reduce the shrinkage of the concrete structures.

Production Line

We also supply Machines for processing of rib lath, formwork lathe and producing of expanded metal: Rib Lath and Hi Rib Formwork Machines.

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