Who We Are

We are a Professional manufacturer of metal mesh lathe products supplying quality construction materials for our worldwide customers.

Located in Anping, North China, we are professional manufacturer of expanded metal rib lathe established in 1998. We mainly supply Rib lath, Hy rib Formwork, Diamond Mesh Lath, in galvanized, stainless, cold rolled steel materials. Self furred, ribbed, hy rib, diamond mesh, welded wire, paper backed, v groove, dimple and other designs. Also supply lathing accessories and production line for manufacturing of stucco lathing wire mesh products. We provide custom specifications of metal lath to meet specific requirements.

Target Market: We have established long term business relationship with importers, traders, wholesalers in Europe, America and Asia. Most of our customers are from Germany, Philippines, Oman, Jordan, Indonesia, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, Poland, USA, UK and other countries.

Featured Products: Ribbed Lath, V ribbed, Hi ribbed, diamond hole expanded, for plaster works, concrete formworks and reinforcement.

Metal ribbed lathe wire, hot dip galvanized
Galvanised Steel Rib lathe, for Singapore
Specification: 600mm width, 2100mm length
Thickness: 0.25mm
Material: Galvanized mild steel, Hot Dip Galv. After
304 grade stainless steel ribbed metal lath wire
Metallic lathe wire in stainless steel, SS304 and SS316 grade, stronger, better corrosion resistance, compared with common steel. Thickness: 0.40mm.
Sheet size16X11, rib height 8 mm, distance 150mm.
Assembly Free Hi Rib Mesh Lathing for Concrete Forming Template
Heavily Galvanised Hi Rib Mesh
Specification: 0.30mm thick, 12x8, rib height 5mm, rib distance 100mm, lath width 610mm.
Min. tensile strength:270N/mm2.
Expanded mesh coils or strips, Hot dipped galvanized steel mesh lathe
Expanded mesh strips /coils, in 100mm x 15m length, 150mm coil wdith x 30m length.
For brick wall stucco reinforcing and plastering
Material: HDG galvanized steel expanded mesh
3.4 1/8 inch galvanized flat rib lath, backed with Kraft paper
3.4 1/8" Flat Rib Lath, Galv. finish. 
Standard specification: 3.4 1/8” galvanized flat rib lath.
With K paper; with D paper.
Galvanized Diamond Metal Lath for Insulation System Construction
Expanded diamond mesh lathe
Specification: Sheet size: 27" x 96" Unit weight: 2.50 Pounds/Square Yard.
Less rigid compared with flat rib lath.
Galvanized Steel Strips for Rib Lath Manufacturing
Size: Sheet width 15.3cm with a tolerance of 0.5mm, thickness 0.22 to 0.25mm, coil weight 500 to 800 kg, hot dip galvanized finish.
Self furred dimple ribbed metal lath for stucco and plastering
1/4" Galvanized Self Furred Rib Lathe
Dimple pattern, for plastering base
Sheet size and unit weight: in 27inch x 97 inch, 2.5 lbs.
Secured to masonry surfaces.
Galvanized expanded mesh corner bead, plaster stop, trim bead
Galv. steel expanded angle bead, also called plaster bead, corner bead, Used with metal lath, for internal and external plastering uses, edge 45mm, length 2.7m, designed with reinforce flange options.